International Business Times

Wine in Block puts technology to work for spirits and wines

· Médias

This article from the International Business Times highlights Sylvie Busca, the co-founder of Wine in Block, a start-up created in 2020. Its mission is to guarantee the quality of wines from the vineyard to the consumer's table using blockchain technology, a sector where few similar players were present in France.

Wine in Block is tackling four major issues facing the wine industry. Firstly, the fight against counterfeit bottles of wine, which account for considerable losses. Secondly, the traceability of bottles and the preservation of wine quality are essential, given the fragility of this luxury product. Finally, creating a committed community around the brand is another important objective.

To meet these challenges, Wine in Block has developed three technological solutions. The Wine in Block© digital passport tracks the authenticity and traceability of bottles. The QWIB system monitors wine transport and storage conditions to guarantee quality (temperature, humidity).

Wine in Block has also launched Romane, an NFT platform for wines and spirits, enabling people to buy and resell bottles using non-fungible tokens. This innovative approach aims to reduce the carbon footprint of transactions, but it appeals mainly to real wine lovers rather than the younger generation.

In short, Wine in Block offers innovative technological solutions to guarantee the quality and authenticity of wines, while meeting the needs of the wine industry.