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    Whether it's for innovating, protecting and enhancing its image, combating counterfeiting, securing distribution networks, rallying or attracting new consumers, NFTs rise to the challenge of building trust between a domain and its customers.

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    Romane, Wine In Block's NFTs solution, associates a digital twin in the form of an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) with bottles of wine, offering a host of innovative applications for wineries.

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    Traceability and Authenticity

    NFTs provide indisputable proof of the authenticity and provenance of a bottle of wine. Each NFT, being unique and forgery-proof, can be used to trace the history of a bottle from production to delivery to the consumer, guaranteeing its provenance and quality.

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    Market Launch

    Wine marketing, en primeur sales or sales under allocation are carried out in the form of NFTs, creating a chain of buyers and enabling the winemaker to collect a royalty on each transaction, even before the products are delivered, adding value at every stage of the process.

    See our example on romane.io.

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    Secondary Market

    NFTs can facilitate transactions on the secondary wine market. By associating an NFT with a bottle, collectors can buy, sell or exchange wines with greater confidence in the authenticity and history of the bottles. The winemaker has a better understanding of the secondary market, can combat parallel markets and receive a return on each resale.

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    Marketing and Customer Engagement

    Wineries can use NFTs to create unique experiences for consumers. For example, an NFT can include exclusive rights such as a vineyard tour, private tasting, or access to older vintages or limited cuvées, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

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    NFTs can be used as financing tools for wineries. By selling NFTs linked to batches of wine, future vintages or parcels acquired or in the process of being acquired, wineries can obtain preliminary funds for the development of their projects or the expansion of their operations, while involving consumers in the development or production process.

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    Protection against counterfeiting

    Wine counterfeiting is a major problem in the wine industry. By using Romane NFTs, wineries can create a virtual security system that makes counterfeiting extremely difficult. Each bottle authenticated by an NFT can be tracked from production to bottle sale and wineries can effectively combat counterfeiting.



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