NFT (in wine) as the new letter of nobility?

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Elodie and Nash from LightMeUp Innovation Studio

Elodie and Nash from LightMeUp Innovation Studio bring you this week in their excellent newsletter, tasty portraits of the start-ups they met on the Wine Tech pavilion at Wine Paris 2023.

Wine In Block au salon Wine Paris 2022

"In terms of innovation, NFT were also present thanks to WineInBlock, the sexier French version of BlockBar.... And WineInBlock goes even further: beyond the digital passport and the notions of ownership, authenticity and traceability, the company has also developed a stand-alone box

(.... to monitor temperature and hygrometry alarms throughout the supply chain, a feat never achieved before. Thanks to this vigilance, the company is adding quality and transparency to this link in the chain, which until now has been seriously lacking in both! Finally, and

because there's no time to waste having fun, NFTs (first and second markets) are reinventing the customer experience, making ownership transfers more fluid, reenchanting the act of buying, reinforcing traceability and making ownership fun! Every player in the value chain of the wine or spirits industry can benefit from adopting WineInBlock's solution(s), from the vine to the pallet, from bottling to tasting... the NFT as a new letter of nobility...".
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