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Romane, The NFT Marketplace for Wines and Spirits by Wine In Block

🚨The entire WINE IN BLOCK team is delighted to announce the arrival of...ROMANE 🚨🚀!

ROMANE, WINE IN BLOCK's NFT marketplace, will be live in a few days, ready to transform the way we experience wine and spirits.

Our mission: to cultivate a true connection between the best Wine & Spirits estates and their customers bystrengthening the bond between them.

Our ambition:

➤ To democratise access to iconic vineyards,

➤ Encourage interaction between producers and consumers,

➤ Offer a different and innovative customer experience,

➤ Guarantee the authenticity and traceability of each bottle.

The estate increases its reputation and the value of its brand, and the consumer joins a community of committed wine lovers around the estate.

Follow our adventure on romane.io, more news to come... 🔥