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Domaine Achillée launches its first NFT wine on the Romane marketplace

· Médias

Wine In Block and Domaine Achillée recently launched an exclusive NFT for their 'vendanges tardives' cuvée. This unique cuvée, which has been kept since the harvest in 2017, is now sold exclusively as an NFT, marking the beginning of a collaboration between Achillée, an estate renowned for its exceptional wines, and the Liane collective.

Domaine Achillée produced this exceptional cuvée in 2017 following unexpected frosts, offering a remarkable sugar content. Only 235 bottles were produced and carefully preserved. This cuvée is now available as an NFT, thanks to Wine In Block technology, guaranteeing authenticity and traceability. It is sold on the Romane marketplace, offering a seamless user experience and detailed information on the cuvées.

This collaboration is the result of a partnership with the Liane collective, a platform dedicated to the sale of special vintages. NFTs are no longer limited to grands crus, and Achillée is convinced that this technology is also relevant to biodynamic and natural wines. The NFTs are due to go on sale in June. Wine In Block, launched in September 2022, uses blockchain and NFTs to authenticate, track and create experiences in the world of wine, targeting wine producers and importers on a global scale.