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Wine In Block: the innovative digital passport

· Médias

The article in the very serious magazine Terre de Vins by the no less serious journalist Marie-Pierre Delpeuch highlights Wine In Block, founded by Sylvie Busca and Jean-Rémi Quiriconi, as a technological innovation at the service of winemakers and consumers.

The journalist explains: the digital passport integrates an NFC chip under the label of each bottle, enabling rapid and secure exchange of information via a smartphone, without the need for an additional application. This solution meets the requirements of the new European labelling regulations, offering producers the opportunity to include details such as calories, carbohydrates and alcohol content in a legible way. The chip, integrated into the labels, guarantees uniqueness, data inalterability and anti-fraud protection with a sealed tag. In addition to its regulatory aspects, the digital passport enables information to be personalized by country, offering a transparent experience appreciated by young consumers connected to their cell phones.