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Cannes Festival 2022: Wine In Block takes to the steps!

Sylvie Busca - Co-fondatrce Wine In Block - May 24, 2022

What if the products developed by Wine In Block could also benefit the film industry?

That's the subject of the pitch I'll be giving on Thursday at the Cannes Film Festival.

#myGlobalVillage disruptive #EnterTech start-ups pitching Session: #5G, #NFT/blockchain, #A.I. for entertainment, #Community utility.

Have you ever thought of selling the iconic physical objects in your films as NFTs? What if the bottle of wine your hero sips, the dress your heroine wears or any other object from your film could be sold to collectors as NFTs to generate


At Wine In Block, we attach an NFT to any physical object to guarantee its authenticity and provenance. We can also create a digital twin of the physical product that can be used in Web3 and the Metaverse.